Need a website but don’t know where to start? Our managed WordPress services can help.
We give you the tools needed to build an effective website and continue to support you by
handling the updates. Pick a WordPress hosting plan that fits your budget to start building
your site today.

Focus on Your Core Business with Managed WordPress Hosting

Using managed WordPress hosting simplifies the way that you handle your online presence.
Instead of dealing with WordPress updates and administrative tasks, you can focus on
growing your business.

Explore the benefits of WordPress for beginners:

● No experience needed
● Promote a professional image
● Boost your search rankings
● Reach more potential customers

Along with these advantages, our managed WordPress hosting helps you save time on the
maintenance of your website. While WordPress is the most versatile website-building
platform, it requires frequent updates.

The WordPress package requires updating for compatibility with browsers and to protect
against the latest security threats. When WordPress receives an update, some of the plug-
ins that you use may also need updates.

Overlooking an update may break your site or make it difficult to navigate. These issues may
hurt your search rankings and keep people from discovering your products or services. Avoid
the challenges of maintaining a WordPress site. Select your managed WordPress hosting
solution to build a website with backup protection and automatic daily malware scans.

Managed WordPress for Beginners: No Experience Necessary

You do not need any technical experience to build a professional-looking website for your
business or entrepreneurial project. WordPress combined with our managed hosting
solutions provide the simplest way to increase your online presence.

WordPress offers a streamlined interface, allowing anyone to create websites and landing
pages. We also include free WordPress tutorials with each hosting package. Learn how to
create a more appealing website and boost your search rankings.

Our managed WordPress services provide a complete package for your online marketing
needs. Along with website hosting, you can add any of the following:

● cPanel, the most used control panel
● Drag-and-drop website builder
● Affordable domain names (including .com domains)

● Professional emails
● Managed and non-managed virtual private servers (VPSs)
● Managed and non-managed dedicated servers

We offer scalable solutions for every stage of your business. Pick the services that you
require now and add more as necessary to meet the demands of your growing business.
Reliable WordPress Hosting at the Best Prices

A modern business needs a website up and running 24/7 to help attract more customers. At
Bizemcee, we offer WordPress hosting that you can depend on to keep your website up.
Instead of offering website hosting and leaving you on your own, we continue to provide

Our managed WordPress plans include automatic updates for WordPress and all your
plugins. We also provide reliable server uptime and set up automatic backups of your
website. If your site crashes due to a technical issue, you can easily restore it and get it
running again.

Our website also contains informative WordPress tutorials designed for beginners. Even if
you dislike the Internet and technology, you should have no problem setting up your site.
We include everything that you need, including themes, security, and search engine
optimization (SEO) tools.

Find the Right Managed WordPress Hosting Package for You

We offer a variety of managed WordPress plans to suit your needs. Choose from plans
starting at just $12.99 per month.

Our WordPress Basic Plan is the ideal solution for smaller sites that receive up to 25,000
visitors per month. It includes 30GB of storage, an SSL certificate, daily malware scans, and
website backup protection.

For those with established businesses, we offer WordPress hosting plans with additional
storage and bandwidth to support more visitors. Choosing the Deluxe or Ultimate plan also
includes SEO tools and extra resources to help your business succeed.

Our WordPress eCommerce plan provides the best value for those with online storefronts.
For a low monthly charge, you receive automatic installation of WooCommerce, the leading
eCommerce plugin.

Get started now and you could have your website up and running within a few hours.


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